Friday, October 19, 2012

Episode 21: It's a Blue-tiful Day.



  • Josh has been dyeing yarn and painting. 
  • The Hunger Games Reaping for the Third Hunger Games is open and ends the 28th. To find out more about this knitting competition, please check it out here!
  • Congrats to District 5 (and SallyfromIdaho) for winning the Second Games! 
  • Happy Belated Birthday to Callie from the DramaticKnits podcast!!!
  • Enhancements: 
    • From the Two Sisters Stringworks:
      • 100% Jacob Wool in the Robin Hood colorway.
      • 100% Gotland wool in the Rime colorway.
      • 100% Icelandic wool in the Hot Spring colorway. 
  • Josh is going to hang out with none other than... STEPHEN WEST!!! :D 
  • What do you do for holiday crafting? Do you knit/crochet all year and stash them for later or do them at the last minute? Do you craft holiday decor? 
Answer the question in the comments below or on this episode's thread in the ravelry group! Ask a question in the same way! (i.e. post a comment or post it into the questions thread in the rav group) Thanks! :D 


  1. Hey ho,
    sorry not to see mr. Flinn. Wish him better from me. I lauhed again about the kool-Aid, as this ti me there were facial expressions. A question for you:> tomorrrow you will receive a substantial sum of money with one condition viz use it to open a yarn store. The question is will you supply all types of yarn or specialise?

    take care,